About us


Abarsang  Trading  Company is one of the largest Iranian construction stone supplier  , aiming to improve the quality of life and supply good quality  stone for esteemed customers ,with the latest engineering approaches and scientific methods and to accurately understand the needs of the clients to  help them to choose  the most suitable type of stone, considering the budget and the geographical area.

The complex has been operating since 2002 with the recruitment of 2 personnel and is currently operating directly and indirectly with more than 100 personnel. One of the most important factors in the growth and development of this complex is the updating and analysis and study of market fluctuations comparing with the facilities and potential of the company. Therefore, personnel training is one of the most important management priorities. This complex is honored to receive Quality Management Certificate (ISO 9001) and Customer Satisfaction Management (ISO 10002) as the first in the country's stone industry.

We monitored and measured the ability of our services to achieve the best possible results in a calm and clean work environment with  compassionate for our staff along  with appropriate services, with the commitment to create a quality  corporate considering  a healthy workplace , to attain  efficiency in different aspects of customer service. Our colleagues are enthusiastic and patient in serving and advising buyers, putting discipline at work along with the elegance of their service.

The company will do its utmost to keep constant  quality excellence and offering  a  good management by  providing   a healthy and positive work place  for  personnel  to meet customer needs and satisfaction which would be maintained by dynamic and creative management . Leading in this company ,would be a reflection of collaboration and trust between the managers  and staff so that  it will make Abarsang Trading company as a desirable place to get the best consultation  to  purchase of stone in Mazandaran province and Iran.