Why Abarsang trading ...?


Why Abarsang trading ...?

The stone façade  of  a building is  a desirable  attire which covers a home so that  it is not only beautifully designed but extends the lifespan of the building and includes concepts such as relaxation, adaptability with the nature and energy saving, building strength against adverse weather conditions such as  floods, earthquakes, winds, rain and corrosion due to  moisture, insulation against noise and disturbing sounds outside the building. Historically, people in North of Iran have applied stone inside  and outside of house  from 7000 years ago.

The façade of a building has important role  in sales of it. Thats why experts believe that the facade of the building is as important as the interior because it represents the level of culture, style  and  the social intelligence  of the houseowner and It shows the presence of a single human life in the context of the city  and district as far  as the building's facade is considered as  signature of the constructor, which is why many elite engineers and architects  use the specific  high quality stones and choose them as a personal style.

Choosing a stone  should  be  consulted!

Our priority is  to help the customer to  choose  the most suitable  stones for the facade or inside the building qualitatively  and quantitatively rather  than just selling the stones to him. This is an art that can not be  made by any newcomers and it is necessary to have  the technical knowledge and skills, long  experience  specifically in  identifying stones  and adapting them to climate of the place of the  construction, management skills, looking at the business qualitatively , sales and marketing abilities, and dozens and maybe hundreds of more factors are  required in this business and we have gathered all these in Abarsang  Company.

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